Air Bubble Film Extrusion Machine

Air Bubble Film Extrusion Machine

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Air Bubble Film Extrusion Machine

Bubble film, a flexible, transparent plastic film that contains many small air bubbles. These sheets provide cushioning and scratch protection to protect items during shipping and storage. Air bubble film is lightweight, waterproof, and reusable for packaging fragile items. It can be used to cushion medium to heavy duty products.


Bubble film making machine features

• The output is high, the product is light in weight, saving the cost of raw materials, the weight can be from 30GSM to 300GSM, and the weight of each layer can be adjusted.


• As a leading air bubble film extrusion machine exporter, our air bubble film machine can produce single or co-extruded layers, co-extruded nylon bubble film will be stronger. Bubble film can be double-sided in-line laminated with other materials.


• Fully automatic control by touch screen, options include perforating unit, laminating unit and unloading bubble film roll parts etc. options.


• Bubble sheet manufacturing machine can be used for bubble wrap packaging, foil laminated for insulation, higher weight bubble wrap laminated with woven fabric for solar pool covers


Bubble film making machine application

Bubble paper is an effective packaging material for electronics, electrical, glassware, machinery, auto parts and other industries. Bubble film sheet is soft in texture, and the bubble-like raised features protect products from scratches and damage during various packaging and shipping processes. Bubble sheet machines can produce sheets of various sizes and lengths.


• This air bubble film making machine can produce three-layer or five-layer co-extruded air bubble film, and can also make multi-layer film and air bubble film forming.

• Air bubble wrap making machine, can be processed into bubble film sheet, bubble film bag, perforated bubble film. Specially used in the field of packaging, insulation and building materials.


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