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What is the difference between EPP, EPS and PU foam?

Aug. 10, 2022

Difference between EPE, EPP, PU foam


EPE(expanded polyethylene) also called pearl cotton is a foam cushion, aseismic capacity of environmental protection materials. It is soft, light, flexible, can bend to absorb and disperse the external impact force, overcome the ordinary Styrofoam fragile, deformation, the poor resilience. It is also a kind of environment-friendly materials can be recycled. Pearl cotton protection of edge horn is widely used in construction, mechanical and electrical engineering, high-grade furniture, household appliances, instruments and meters, craft gifts, wood products, glass ceramics, carpet mezzanine, travel bags, packaging and insulation in areas such as precision spare parts.


What is the difference between EPP, EPS and PU foam?

EPE Foam Sheet Lamination/Coating Machine


EPP(expanded polypropylene) foam material is a kind of high performance and high crystalline polymer materials, special and superior performance to become the fastest growing environmental protection new compression buffer insulation materials. EPP products has very excellent seismic energy absorption performance, high response rates after deformation, good heat resistance, chemical resistance, oil resistance, insulating and stays in addition, the quality is light, can significantly reduce weight.

PU(polyurethane) foam refers to a number of different types of foam consisting of polymers made of molecular chains bound together by urethane links. It can be flexible or rigid, but has a low density. Flexible polyurethane foam is most often used in bedding and upholstery, while the more rigid variety is used for thermal insulation and in automobile dashboards.


What is the difference between EPP, EPS and PU foam?

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