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  • EPS Foam Pre Expander

  • EPS Foam Pre Expander

  • EPS Foam Pre Expander

  • EPS Foam Pre Expander

  • EPS Foam Pre Expander

  • EPS Foam Pre Expander

EPS Foam Pre Expander

It turns eps raw material (expanded polystyrene) to big and light foam beads through steam heating. Continuous production for feeding, heating and ejecting foam beads.

Product Description


SPJ 110

Expansion Chamber


Volume Useable Volume





Entry Consumption Pressure




Compressed Air


Consumption Pressure


0.5-0.6 m³/cycle



Drainage Port Condensate



12 g/L

15 g/L

20 g/L

30 g/L


Material Conveying Line


Connected Load



12-30 g/L

Density Tolerance


Outside Dimensions





Room Height Required



Continuous Type EPS Pre- Expander for Foam Beads Making Machine

It turns eps raw material (expanded polystyrene) to big and light foam beads through steam heating. Continuous production for feeding, heating and ejecting foam beads.


EPS pre-expander machine expanding eps beads Feature

Including common dryer bed, screw conveyer, filling, sieving devices, etc

Steam system: Steam pressure reducer and angle valve to control steam;

Filling system: Adopts electronic weighing system, setting filling weight on touch screen for the material filling automatically;

Material level control: Adopts photo sensor to control the expansion level;

Electric control: Adopts PLC programmable controller and touch screen, keep all process work automatically .


EPS pre-expander Advantages:

EPS expandable polystyrene batch pre-expander machine for lost foam shape molding casting


1. PID control system

Automatic PID adjusting and control system, temperature sensor automatic feedback. PID steam and compressed air automatic adjusting to achieve different steam temperature for different density requirement. Temperature tolerance is ±0.2℃, temperature remain stable. It achieves constant temperature and constant pressure foaming, ensure the foamed beads density evenly, foaming accuracy ±1%.


2. Weighing closed-loop feedback system

Weighing feedback system adopts famous brandsdedicated weighing controllers, controlled by PLC and touch screen. The weighing system can accurately weigh the foamed beads weight, give feedback in time. By adjusting feeding material weight to control the foam density accuracy.


3. Vibration level sensor control system

It adopts Germany imported vibration level sensor to control the foaming beads level to achieve accurate volume control, then ensure foaming density accuracy.


4. Vacuum drying system

1) Vacuum drying system adopts vacuumize drying method, drying forming time short, ensure foaming more uniform & accurate and ensure clean discharging, when weighing samples will not confuse and feedback is accurate.

2) Discharging valve is fine butterfly valve, ensure the vacuum degree when come into drying system and discharging in time.


5. Weighing feeding system

The weighing feeding systemadopts famous brandsdedicated weighing controllers and load cell, controlled by PLC and touch screen.The weighing system can accurately control the raw material input to realize the minimum deviation.


6. Pre foaming system

1) The barrel is made by high quality stainless steel, ensure the circular degree and strength.

2) The main stirrer of the barrel adopts frequency control, the main shaft revolving speed can be adjustable, better guarantee for raw material heating evenness.

3) Perforated bottom plate with fine stainless steel 316 special material and structure, ensure steam penetrating more smoothlyand evenly during heating, then foam density more stable, each bead more evenly, and reducing steam consumption. Thus it can save more raw material cost and energy cost.

4) Foaming level control adopts Germany imported vibration level sensor, could perceive foaming beads rising situation, keep foaming density tolerance minimum.

5) Discharging door fine processed in CNC machining center and fine assembly, ensure move stable during working, avoid material crowded or discharging door deforming.


7. Crushing and screening system

1) Crushing and screening system adopts horizontal paddle structure, working more stable, crushing and screening effective better.

2) Feeding system adopts the principle of closed-air aspirator, keep away from the air from the feeding fan, make the feeding faster and in time.


8. Electric control system

1) Valves are imported from Germany.

2) Electrical element are imported from Germany and Italy.

3) Its operation is simple and easy. Feeding weight and all relevant parameters can be adjusted and self-saved according to different material and density. The weighing feedback system can weighed every batch foamed beads weight accurately and give feedback timely to adjust next feeding weight.

4) Friendly human-computer interface, touch screen control system could automatically detect faults and alerts their location and repair method, ensure maintaining easy and fast.


Application: EPS Pre Expander for Foam Beads Making Machine


EPS Foam Pre Expander

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