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Difference Between PU Foam and EPE Foam

Jul. 12, 2022

When the pockets of gas are transformed into a liquid and then frozen, they take the form of foam. These foams can either be open-cell or closed-cell and typically soft to touch. PU and EPE are the two types of foams used widely for making beddings, cushions, sheets for sofa and other furniture and packaging.


PU Foam vs EPE Foam

The main difference between PU foam and EPE foam is that PU foam is mostly used as mattresses in the form of big blocks. On the other hand, EPE foam is mostly used in the packaging procedure because of its shock-resistant feature. Both of them are light weighted but used for different purposes based on the distinct characteristics they share.

PU foam is considered to be one of the most common types of mattress foam that are shortened from polyurethane foam. Some denote PU foam as polyfoam. PU foam is generally more springy and bouncy than other types of mattress foam. PU foam can have various types of external appearance depending on the material used.


Difference Between PU Foam and EPE Foam

EPE Foam Sheet Bonding / Thickening Machine


EPE foam is a short-term used for Expanded polyethylene that is made of polyethylene. EPE foam is semi-rigid closed cell foam which makes it capable of absorbing shock waves and vibration. EPE foam is typically used in packaging, Gym equipment, mats, etc. The type of material used to produce EPE foam is known as expanded pellets.


Comparison Table Between PU Foam and EPE Foam

Parameters Of Comparison PU Foam EPE Foam
Scientific name The scientific name used to denote PU foam is Polyurethane. The scientific name used to denote EPE foam is Polyethylene.
Invention The year in which PU foam aka Polyurethane was manufactured and introduced is 1937 in Germany. The year in which EPE foam aka Polyethylene was manufactured and introduced to the world is 1970.
Type of cells PU foam is considered to be open-cell foam. EPE foam is considered to be closed-cell foam.
Colour PU foam is available in the market in many colors, for example, yellow, brown, black green, red, etc. EPE foam is originally comes in pure white color and desired colors can be added to it.
Uses PU foam is used a lot in different sectors of industry such rest are, automotive, furniture, construction sectors, etc. The prime uses of EPE foam are in packaging due to its high efficiency of shock resistance.



The foam was invented as the softest material. The first form of foam was designated as memory foam.

It was invented with the main goal which was to absorb shocks. But every useful thing can not be used for one purpose only and that’s the reason foam was spread in the world to provide its comfortable services.

Foam comes in many types depending on how it was made. One of the salient features is the recycling that foam provides. It can be melted and reshaped as much as a person wants to.


Difference Between PU Foam and EPE Foam

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